Myself Nirmal Ghimire, I make art be it 3d, on paper, video, word art, 2d.
I am a computer nerd, I’ve started using computer ever since I was studying in grade 1, I’d always spent my time exploring new topics, exploring new adventures, new skillset. It all started from when I locked up myself in a room with computer and papers, I was invested in learning origami when I was 9 years old, YouTube had my back. Later on i was into computer gaming obvs every computer nerds were, haha; however, i was different i was enjoying game but more than that i was enjoying how it use to work, behind the scenes, i looked up searching for it on google, lots of research lead me to know that games were made using coding, and graphics, BOOM, amazing. then i had to know how-anyhow, that lead me to a software made my Microsoft or what i forgot where u code to make shapes, I was too patient and to innocent that i got lost learning to create shapes while my ultimate goal was creating app, lol. I researched more and more, i came to know about graphics designing, man it’s nostalgic.
Journey as a Graphics Designer.
It started when i was studying in grade 5, around winter maybe, I found about powerpoint. i invested my time learning it, i experimented myself and came to know that i could save my pictures as a png file wow amazing.
i made posters and i edited logos from there, dang there was free tool, which used to work like a pen tool in AI/PS. I used to create characters using it. i stopped using power point when my grade 6 started. (cause my scores dropped, from being 4th student in the class to being 6th student, frustrated little nirmal) I planned on investing myself on studies, PLAN WENT JUST PLAN, I got distracted by table tennis. however my grades improved, so? cheers.
-Journey as a Developer, Programmer.
It started after i completed my grade 6, I started looking again into app development, I THOUGHT I COULD but no.
Instead i started python, git, i made some automated apps, some ai apps, then i moved on into Builders and exposed myself to app development LITERALLY, lol i was amazed, I made a portfolio app, but dude the server stuff and database stuff was hard to handle. I dropped the concept and around winter when i was in grade 7, i took a break.
-Journey as a Video Editor.
I was interested in video editing since very long, i just used to use filmora, so i was not satisfied. I started learning after effects, about plugins about templates, project files, expressions, many thing i invested my grade 8 learning editing. :))
the journey was amazing, i never knew but i came to know i unknowingly grew fans around myself, it was the happiest moment i’d ever felt. Being alone, isolated, unfriendly and still begin called inspiration was different a feeling.
time skip.. will continue later.

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