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Nirmal Ghimire

16 years old, student, designer, developer.

I design .psd .aep .blend

& write .php .css .tsx .jsx 🙂

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Notable projects

These are the list of projects I have worked on.

  • 2022 - Now


    I coined & developed Kalokalam with my schoolmates, to diminish the educational barriers for all Nepalis. Our mission is to foster accessible education and empower students throughout the nation.

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    A food app interface
  • 2021 June


    I animated and directed an animated music video for Barsha Karmacharya. The project includes 'Rato Ribbon' and 'Sangai Chhu Ma.' The studio, which I founded during the lockdown, was provided with the opportunity to collaborate with top artists from Nepal.

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    A food app interface
  • 2023

    Study Buddy AI

    This website uses the capabilities of AI-based models to generate questions about the topic entered by users.

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Silly Interesting information about me

The following messages speak more than I would ever, personally.

  1. i'm 16 years old and i'm currently studying Computer Engineering in KMGSS, Butwal
  2. What's your background on Coding?
  3. my first code was written in Logo Programming language when i was a 3rd grader
  4. and when i was in grade 7 i started learning Python, i made projects using OpenCV (emotion detection), shutil, and os (automate copy-pasting...), svgwrite (drawing), pyaudio (voice-based typing)
  5. Can you hack my crush's FB ID?
  6. no
  7. and in grade 8 i started learning web development, i learnt HTML, CSS, JS in 8.
  8. in grade 9 i learnt PHP for being a full-stack WordPress developer, I landed my first project in grade 10
  9. i am learning Next.js and React currently
  10. What about designing
  11. i made my first design in grade 5 using PowerPoint
  12. and started learning Photoshop and After Effects in grade 6, 7, 8
  13. i also founded an editing community on Facebook; it's now 700k+ members. I founded a design studio called HELLED STUDIO
  14. i've worked with Barsha Karmacharya, MC Flo, like artists to make animated MV...
  15. i've made tons of cover arts for popular international and national artists
  16. ohh wow
  17. but, what color is your math score?
  18. 😐
  19. Nxrmal left the chat